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"Bannernapped" A77 action group hits back at removal of campaign banners!

The A77 action group has launched a hard hit reply at Transerve after the A77 action group banners where removed earlier this week! 

Transerve insists that the banners post a safety risk but the A77 action group have accuses Transerve of "Bannernapped" after removing banners from private properties. The A77 action group have also said that this shows just how our of touch Transerve are towards the A77 beyond Ayr! The A77 action group received the following reply from Transerve pictured below.

The A77 action group has also sent the following reply to Transerve as the dispute continues. The reply he got was this - Dear Mr Gannon Thank you for updating me on what had happened to our banners. However, I am gravely disappointed that it has taken this turn. This only adds to the feeling that Transport Scotland and Transerv are not interested in the southwest of Scotland, and the A77 in particular. This really goes by your door and onto the step of the Transport Minister Mr Yousaf’s door. The strategies that he has had in place are beyond useless. If we had fit for purpose road, then the group would not exist. It is as simple as that Mr Gannon. Landslips, road closures, are not acceptable in 2017. This is a trunk road, and it needs to serve us better than it is doing. The A&E unit at the Galloway Community Hospital has been put down to minor injuries only. Therefore, someone who has a bit more major injury will have to be taken probably either to Glasgow or Dumfries by ambulance. At our Petition meeting in Stranraer Dr Daniel Goodare said how he frequently send ambulances on blue light up the A77. Twenty minutes stuck somewhere at the countless bottlenecks could cost someone their life. We also had another Doctor at that meeting back Doctor Goodare up, saying they actually lost their brother due to the problems with A77. However, to return to our future sites for banners these will be well out of the reach of Transerv and their masters at Transport Scotland. We will be taking some consultation with our supporters at the NFU. Mr John Campbell, of Maybole will liaise with Police Scotland about the recovery of our property. However on the subject of illegal signs I have come down A77 today and a further 21 signs between Turnberry and Cairnryan have been left in place. A mix of community and commercial, some of these would have been walked by to remove ours. So Transport Scotland and Transerv have chosen to discriminate against a community group. That is how it looks from our members. All this correspondence will be publish on our facebook page for all our supporters to read. Yours sincerely Donald McHarrie – Co Founder of A77 Action  

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