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Cargolux help deliver Jenny’s dream at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Jenny Lawson, 27, from Kilmarnock, recently fulfilled her dream of boarding a Cargolux 747 aircraft as it unloaded at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Jenny had recently gathered signatures on a petition to help gain more airlines at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

After speaking to Jenny and learning of her passion for Cargolux, Glasgow Prestwick Airport decided to team together with the international airline to help make Jenny’s dreams come true with a unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jenny and her parents, John and Sharon, came along to the airport on Wednesday 31 August to get up close to the Cargolux aircraft as it made one of its regular stop offs.

Upon arriving at the airport and meeting with our staff member Kelly, Jenny and her family were taken to collect their passes from security and then lead through central search before being able to make their way to the aircraft.

This was a huge day for Jenny! She was incredibly overwhelmed and a little tearful but after a few words of encouragement, Jenny took a deep breath and stepped onto the minibus which would transport her straight to the massive cargo carrier.

The crew welcomed everyone on board and extended an invitation upstairs to the very impressive flight deck. Jenny took some persuading, as the narrow ladder-like stairs made her anxious.

Who knew these aircraft's had bedrooms in them? The space and facilities were fantastic and to top it off, Jenny was allowed to sit in the cockpit which topped off her visit.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport said:

"We would like to thank John Barclay, Station Manager Cargolux for working together with the Glasgow Prestwick Airport Communications and Marketing team to make this happen."

Images copyright: Glasgow Prestwick Airport


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