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Cumnock Bus station and Town Centre targeted by vandals

Cumnock Bus station and Town Centre has recently been hit by a vandal spree with almost every single panel of Glass being smashed in the Bus station over the passed week.

Pic - Michael McPake

The Vandalism took place on Monday night with others objects around the town also targeted including Bins and Plant pots.

Michael McPake from Cumnock took to Facebook to express his disappointment and concern highlighting that the vandal spree had been going on for several days with Police being contacted however Monday was the worst of the incidents leaving members of the public and the local council to clean up the mess.

Michael posted the following via Facebook:

"A VERY SAD 36 HOURS FOR CUMNOCK, I took these photos at 10.20pm this evening, another ten.. TEN Windows smashed in the bus station bringing it to a total of 16 over the last 3 days, amid the carnage I found a little baby's shoe, the place is like a bomb site, I spoke with a worker who's still down there now, he just cannot believe the extent of the mindless VANDALISM,.. I stood at my window and watched a hoard of teenage running amok kicking over bins and screaming at the top of their voices as they went on there way to the bus station... I called the police 999,and could hear the sirens approaching, and then in the distance the mob scattered, I pity the poor people who have to use the station in the morning, no shelter from the rain..if you know anyone who's been involved in this, do the right thing and get in touch with the police, I am shaking with anger writing this."

ADN has Contacted Police Scotland and Stagecoach for comment and we will update this article as required.

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