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Dobbies Helps transform Whitley’s Farm into a retreat for families

BUYMSH is the charity responsible for the good work of Malcolm Sargent House, a building that has provided a haven for children, young people and their families battling cancer since 1989.

Recently BUYMSH bought another property, Whiteley’s Farm which will soon be Whiteley’s Retreat which will add to the hundreds of families who have already been supported by the charity over the years. The renovation needed to transform the land is being supported by Dobbies ‘Helping Your Community Grow’ campaign, donating almost £700 to the project.

In recent weeks, many volunteers from the charity have helped develop the old bothy style building and farmhouse into what will be a vital haven offering complimentary therapeutic short breaks for families with cancer and other life altering illnesses in the UK. Local students from Ayrshire College have also been on board with the project as they have tackled the bulk of the painting and papering as part of their modules in class.

Dobbies’ donation will help provide a relaxing outdoor environment, plans for the garden development include instalment of new grass and stepping stones as well as a variety of trees and plants for those at Whiteley’s Retreat to enjoy.

Maxine Allan, CEO from Whiteley’s Retreat, said:

“We are delighted with the support given by Dobbies in Ayr. The service and staff have been amazing and our Garden of Wellbeing at Whiteley's is starting to look fantastic. Massive thanks to everyone.”

Samantha McRoberts, Community Champion at Dobbies Ayr, said:

“We have loved every second of working alongside Whiteley's Retreat. The team are so kind and helpful in everything they do and the project will have such a positive impact for families. The local charity is well loved within our store and we were so pleased to see the transformation at the farm into a beautiful, much-needed retreat.”

The Whiteley’s Retreat garden transformation is only one of over 100 community garden makeovers that Dobbies is supporting this year across the UK with its Helping Your Community Grow programme.

The programme encourages communities to come together and spend more time outside by improving green spaces for the local community.

  • #BUYMSH recently acquired Whiteley’s Farm which will be used as a retreat for children and young people with cancer and their families

  • The project to renovate the farm into Whiteley’s Retreat has been awarded a donation from Dobbies ‘Helping Your Community Grow’ campaign

For more information on Helping Your Community Grow, visit


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