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Galston Co-op update on demolition works

Galston Co-Op and Post Office had to close suddenly earlier this year due to problems with the building. This statement from our Head of Finance and ICT, Craig McArthur outlines current progress on resolving this issue.

“We took the original decision to close Galston Co-Op and Post Office due to serious structural issues with the building. At that point we evacuated two residential properties, and made temporary changes to the rear access/emergency exit of the neighbouring pub.

“Since then, Council property and specialist engineering teams have visited the site on a regular basis to assess the ongoing integrity of the building.

“We have tendered for and appointed a demolition contractor (Reigart) and the necessary demolition warrants are in place.

“Previous community complaints regarding environmental health concerns have been investigated by the Environmental Health team and confirmed that NO statutory nuisance was present, and as such no enforcement action was necessary, or indeed possible.

“Access was provided by the Co-op to the store on 20 July, to allow us and our demolition contractors to assess the building. The conditions within the store were reviewed and a safe system of work was subsequently agreed by the specialist contractors to allow the store to be cleared.

“The Co-op are using a range of specialist contractors to do this job, which commenced on Saturday 5 August and is programmed for completion over the next three weeks.

“The demolition will be a complex piece of work, with the primary concern being public and contractor safety at all times. We are in regular discussions with the demolition contractors, local representatives and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance to ensure that the most effective and least disruptive plans can be put in place in terms of traffic movement and management.

“We are currently developing options for the site of the current Co-op and gap site, alongside options for the neighbouring local office building (former town chambers). We have previously committed to engaging with the community, and once we have viable options will progress this.”