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Global Airlines Brand Begins to Emerge at Prestwick

Article by Doug Maclean – Ayrshire Daily News Aviation Editor

Forming a new airline is not an easy or quick task. Forming a new airline to fly super jumbos is a task very few companies would attempt.

Image - Global Airlines

The aviation world was very impressed when the first Global Airlines Airbus 380 super jumbo arrived at Prestwick. Global intends to establish the highly popular A380 as its flagship aircraft and eventually plans to have a fleet of these huge aircraft.

Image - Global Airlines

When the A380 arrived at Prestwick on May 1st James Asquith the CEO and Founder of Global Airlines said:

“From its new location in Scotland, the next step for the aircraft will be to commence a full interior refurbishment and continue its maintenance journey back to the skies.” Mr Asquith appears to be pushing on with that work and Ayrshire Daily News is also delighted to have some exclusive pictures showing that the airline brand is beginning to emerge at Prestwick.

The cabin crew were pictured at Prestwick in a striking red and modern design uniform.

Image - Global Airlines

The aircraft had arrived at Prestwick in the colours of its previous operator and was pictured by Eddie Wallace while towering over several smaller Airbus aircraft.

The Global team were at Prestwick on Monday to observe progress on the application of its new livery and for meetings with local partners. For the first time, we see the bold new GLOBAL titles appear on the side of the super jumbo.

CEO James Asquith said:

“We continue to be humbled by that amount of local interest and support for the Global Airlines project and it’s great to be making progress on our first aircraft at Prestwick”

Image - Eddie Wallace

Mr Asquith appears to have fallen in love with Scotland and we are very happy to note that he and his bride-to-be have chosen a venue on Loch Lomond to be married this weekend. Ayrshire Daily News wishes Mr and Mrs Asquith a long and happy marriage just as we wish Global Airlines and Prestwick Airport a long and happy union.


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