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Local land purchases – check before you buy

Check before you buy’ is the advice being given by East Ayrshire Council’s planning department to local residents looking to purchase land in residential areas to extend garden ground into open space areas or in particular, seek to develop areas of existing open space.

The East Ayrshire Local Development Plan sets out how land can be used, within the realms of Scottish Planning Policy, to protect and enhance open spaces and woodland in residential areas.

Michael Keane, Head of Planning & Environment at East Ayrshire Council said:

“We have been made aware of a few instances recently whereby residents have been given the opportunity to buy land adjacent to their own property.

“For residents keen to build an extension or extend their garden, this can be a really tempting offer, but as we have found in recent weeks, this can often lead to disappointment, when they realise that their plans do not comply with the terms of our Local Development Plan.

“Open space and woodlands enhance our local residential areas, providing a valuable local amenity, having been designed as open space when those residential areas themselves were given permission.  Their change of use is therefore rarely, if ever, encouraged.

“I would urge any resident who is considering buying land locally to take professional advice on all aspects of the purchase and land use, before they purchase.

“East Ayrshire Council’s Planning Team is available to advise on such matters and a duty planning officer can be contacted on 01563 576790.”


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