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Airshow at risk of having funding pulled by South Ayrshire Council

The update can be read by South Ayrshire Council HERE.

South Ayrshire Council issued an update to the public this afternoon (Tuesday 18th February), it said the following:

"South Ayrshire Council do not run the Scottish International Airshow, we simply provide grant funding under an agreement with the organisers.

"The organisers have breached a number of terms of this agreement and were given the opportunity to rectify these, but failed to do so.

Photo from TSIA Facebook Page

"The organisers provided two proposals to settle the issue, one of which was to jointly agree the termination of the grant, with the organisers retaining the sum of £80,000 as full and final settlement. This payment can be retained by the organisers on the condition that this money is used to settle an outstanding debt due to an external third party creditor for the 2018 event and the accounts due to customers and businesses who have already made payments in respect of the 2020 Scottish International Airshow. "Today at the Council, the decision was taken:

"To request the Head of Regulatory Services to agree a settlement with the organisers providing for the mutual agreement by both parties to terminate the MoA, and confirmation that the figure of £80,000 paid to TSIA in error represented full and final payment of any liabilities due by the Council to TSIA in terms of the MoA or the 2020 Event; and "In the event that the Head of Regulatory Services could not agree this settlement, to agree to terminate the MoA and to instruct officers to serve a termination notice on TSIA in accordance with the MoA."



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