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Spring like Weather set to arrive across Ayrshire

It's much milder now, and with pressure still quite high in the South, we’ll see some ‘spring-like’ weather over the next few days and into the weekend mostly in the East and South. In the North and West it’ll tend to be breezier and more unsettled, but here too there'll be brighter intervals, and it'll be pleasantly mild, but we have to remember it’s only mid-February, with patchy fog and low cloud occasionally spoiling things.

We have patchy fog and a touch of frost across some southern areas this morning that'll soon clear. Otherwise, most of England and Wales is dawning dry, with just the odd shower across South Wales first thing. West Wales and North West England may also see a few showers later, but for most, it'll be a dry, quite pleasant day. Cloud amounts will vary, but with sunny spells mostly in the East and South. A South to South West wind will be light in the south, with top temperatures a mild 10 to 12C, but a very mild 13 or 14C in the brighter

Temperatures 3pm today

Over Scotland and Northern Ireland it’ll be breezier and more cloudy but also mild. A South West wind will be strong at first over North West Scotland, before veering Westerly and moderating later. It's a wet start over much of West Scotland with some heavy rain and showers will affect other parts through the day, but towards Lothian and The Borders, it'll be mainly dry, and here you'll see the best of the sunny intervals that come through. You could also see a few sunny intervals across Northern Ireland for a time, but it'll be mostly cloudy here with some rain arriving by the afternoon when temperatures will be between 7 and 10C.

North West England, parts of the Midlands and perhaps East Anglia will see some patchy mostly light rain and drizzle after dark, but across remaining parts of England and Wales, it should continue mainly dry. There'll be large amounts of cloud, but a few clear intervals in the South and across the North East. It’ll turn misty fairly generally, and with light winds, patchy fog will form, but temperatures shouldn't fall below 4 to 7C.

Overnight cloud

It’ll also be misty across Northern Ireland with some hill and coastal fog. Here the rain or drizzle should slowly 'peter-out' in a mild, moist southerly breeze, with temperatures falling no lower than 7 to 9C. Over Scotland, cloud amounts will be more variable, with clear intervals across the North and East. This'll lead to a touch of frost in rural glens where temperatures may fall close to freezing before cloud moves into Dumfries and Strathclyde bringing some rain before dawn.

Friday will see lots of cloud across most parts, and it'll be misty at times making it rather grey. There'll also be patchy fog, but that'll clear through the morning, although sunny intervals through the day could be limited. There’ll still be a fair amount of dry weather, but with mostly light rain and drizzle across parts of the Midlands and the North of England at first that should 'peter-out'. After a bright but colder start around the Moray Firth, Scotland and Northern Ireland will also be misty with some hill and coastal fog in the West. Further rain or drizzle is likely in places, but it’ll be another mild day across the country in South West to Southerly breeze that’ll be light over England and Wales, with top temperatures 8 to 11C.

Temperatures Friday afternoon

After dark, it stays misty, with patchy fog especially over coasts and hills exposed to a South to South West wind that’ll remain light over England and Wales. There’ll be further light rain or drizzle in places but also dry spells, with perhaps a few clear intervals towards the South East. Later Northern Ireland may see an improvement in another mild night.


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