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STILL GAME'S nosey Isa played by Jane McCarry has swapped her frumpy Isa coat for a glamourous gown in this year’s Gaiety Theatre panto in December!

Jane McCarry who played 'Isa' in hit comedy TV show Still Game is due to storm the Gaiety Theatre in December as she will be taking on the role as the 'Fairy Beansprout' in this years panto.

Ayrshire Daily News spoke to the star and she told us: "I adore doing panto, and i cannot wait to be working at Ayr Gaiety near the seaside with Michael Courtney and the fantastic cast of this years panto in Ayr - the good thing about this venue is, it's small and compact and the audience will definetely feel part of the show"

Ayr panto favourite Fraser Boyle, is going to be playing Jack’s mum, Fraser was in last years Beauty and the Beast at the Gaiety.

He said: “I am really looking forward to this panto, I just love the Gaiety. There is something about the Gaiety Theatre – it is just magical, I can see people’s faces in the back of the stalls and look them in the eye.

“The Ayrshire familys and kids are really up for a laugh when they come to the Gaiety panto, this is probably because the theatre was closed for a few years."

The full cast includes Michael Courtney as Fleshcreep, James Bustar as Simple Simon, Colin Ferguson as The Regal King, Liam Webster as Jack and Abbie Watson as Princess Jill.

We also caught up with Colin Ferguson and his daughter Elidh at the Scottish Airshow, Colin and daugter will both be appearing in the panto as they did last year to, check out our interview with Colin as he gives our reader excitiing information and tells how excited he is about the panto.

Tickets for this years panto are at the Gaietys website - Click here


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