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Council waste to be transformed by new recycling facility

Councillors had a sneak preview of the new green waste recycling centre in Prestwick last week.

The new facility will be used by the Council to transform its own green waste such as grass and leaves into usable products like mulch and top dressing soil.

Council staff came up with the idea for the Glenburn Green Waste Recycling Centre and then worked to implement the pilot project. The Council’s grounds maintenance team see many advantages for the centre and will be able to use the composted material in parks and golf courses helping to save £42,324 a year on disposal costs.

If the pilot is successful, the Council will look to roll out the use of end products such as mulch and top dressing soil in public spaces, reducing the need to purchase these materials in the future.

Councillor John McDowall, Sustainability and Environment Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council was impressed with the facility, he said: “The emphasis these days is very much on reducing waste and reusing as much of it as possible, so this centre ticks all the boxes.

“Staff came up with the idea and they should be applauded for their innovative thinking and their hard work to get the centre up and running. We will monitor the quality of the material produced as part of this pilot to deal with Council waste, but I am confident the centre will prove its worth.”

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