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Dowey Calls On Snp To ‘stop Neglecting The A77’

Ayrshire MSP Sharon Dowey is calling on the SNP to ‘stop neglecting the A77’ following the Scottish Conservative debate in Holyrood last week on the SNP’s failure to dual Scotland’s most deadly roads.

 There have been 45 accidents on the A77 this year alone, two of which caused fatalities. Transport Scotland figures also show that there have been 144 deaths on Scotland’s major trunk roads outside the Central Belt in the last three years – 104 of them on sections that hadn’t been dualled.


Ms Dowey is calling on the SNP Government to dual the A77 and to improve the safety of the road for both HGVs and commuters.


Commenting, Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Sharon Dowey said:


“The SNP promised to have fully dualled the A77 by 2025 back in 2011. Yet, we’re half way through 2024 and the SNP are continuing to let down local residents and commuters here in the South of Scotland.


“Roads like the A77 are the responsibility of the Scottish Government and they need to recognise the safety concerns that local residents and I have been raising for years now.


“This year alone, there has been 45 accidents on the A77, two of which caused fatalities.


“Unless road safety becomes a top priority for the SNP, I’m concerned that we’ll continue to read these tragic news reports of families who have lost loved ones to the road – and I’ll keep holding the SNP to account on this”.


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