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The Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team was called out shortly after 6.30pm yesterday to reports of a possible red flare sighting between Stevenston and Ardrossan reported to Police Scotland.

The team responded immediately with both Troon All Weather and Inshore lifeboats also being requested to launch to assist.

A search team was deployed initially in the Coastguard Rescue Vehicle to Stevenston Point, with a second search team deploying to Saltcoats Harbour to provide a good overview of the surrounding areas.

As Troon Lifeboat proceeded north to begin a search from Irvine Harbour heading towards Ardrossan, the team at Stevenston point maintained observations in the area for any further sightings, with the search team at Saltcoats Harbour commencing a search on foot south towards Stevenston.

With one search team deployed on foot and two lifeboats conducting a shoreline search, the Coastguard Rescue Vehicle has then been tactically relocated to several locations between Stevenston Point and Portencross as the search expanded.

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After approximately 1.5 hours of searching on both land and sea between Stevenston and Portencross and with no further sightings or information, all resources were stood down to return to their respective stations.

We continue to advise the public it is vital that in an emergency at the coast, it is always dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Contacting a partner emergency service will ultimately lead to the Coastguard being contacted, however this will always incur a time delay and when it comes to an emergency at the coast – seconds count.


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