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Stagecoach Announce Bus Service Increases Across Some Ayrshire Routes

Some Ayrshire bus services including the X77 & X76 will be increased from 1st September.

Pic - Christopher Tyre

Stagecoach has announced that several Kilmarnock local services and Ayrshire express services will be increased from next month, as part of the increases the X77 will also now serve the Village of Monkton to link the area directly to Glasgow.

Kilmarnock Service Increases

Service 6 (Increased to every 30min)

Service 7 (Increased to every 30min)

Service X76 (Increased to every 30min)

Kilmarnock Service Changes

Service X76N - Cancelled (Night Service)

Irvine Service Changes

Service 22 (Earlier departure times)

Service 28 (Less waiting times for those onboard)

Ayr Service Increases

X77 (Increased to every 30min, now serves Monkton)

Ayr Service Changes

Service X77N - Cancelled (Night service)

In Addition to the changes listed above several changes have also been marked for Ayr services 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 52, 301, 302 & 306 along with Irvine services 14 & 585 although details of these changes remain unknown. This post will be updated with any new changes or increases once announced.

The Above changes can be viewed on Stagecoach, VOSA & Andy Preece Bus


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